Bruchhausen Vilsen introduces itself:

The nationally recognized air health resort Bruchhausen Vilsen is appropriate for approx. 35 km south of Bremen and is good over the B6 (Hanover-Bremen) to achieve. Amidst of gentle-green hills been the introspectively air health resort is called gladly inherent natural beauty. The environment of Bruchhausen Vilsen is considered as one of the most worthwhile moving areas in the surrounding countryside of Bremen. The beautifully arranged and reorganized local centre loads with its dreamed angles and lanes as well as the old half timbered houses for staying in. Off the hecticness you find here in many cosy restaurants and cafes peace and relaxation.

Trip target - leisure offers

Kurpark: The park with its varieties at trees, bushes and multicolored patches loads in for recovery. Sundays here cure concerts take place in the spring and summer starting from 15.00 o'clock. At the edge of the kurpark are the miniature golf area, that grill workstation (log-on Tel.: 04252 / 2269), the free chess system as soon as the place for the game Boule. Also the heated forest swimming pool and the art ice bearing surface (Decembers until February) are to be found in direct proximity. Likewise with the kurpark the Vilser wood begins with its numerous moving ways.

Wander - Bike hiking: Approx. 50 km of moving ways and approx. 270 km proven cycle paths (on nine different routes) are available. Led tours by bike for groups, wheel moving card with the tourist board and at the book loading of the DFV. A bicycle rental business (Tel.: 04252/2994) is at the place.

Vilser St. Cyriakus church: Focal point of the historical local centre with old half timbered houses is already in 10. century from field and break stones at the romanic architectural style established church.

Wind and watermill: Four affectionately restored gallery dutchmen mills in Engeln, Martfeld (2) and Schwarme as well as the monastery mill Heiligenberg, the watermill Bruchmühlen and the Nolte mill at Suestedt load to a mill route. Mill days always at 1 May, Whitmonday (German mill day) as well as for instance in the middle of Septembers (day of the open monument) and at the beginning of Octobers. Marriage-willing pairs can be able to be trusted in one of the two windmills in Engeln or Martfeld.

Recreation area Heiligenberg: Trip target in the romantic forest Heiligenberg. Here is the former watermill of the 1216 created monastery Heiligenberg. In the watermill a cosy monastery tavern is accommodated. Moving ways, a forest didactic exhibition, an outdoor installation of Kneipp area and cafes load to disport. The close been situated restaurant " forestry house " is appropriate for the population in the midst of a ring barrier system (entire length 750 m, height today 8 m). this ring barrier enclose once a fleeing castle those at danger times as place of refuge served.

Asendorf: Southernmost and surface-largest place of the integrated municipality Bruchhausen Vilsen. First documentary mention more than 900 years ago. Destination station of the " first museum railway of Germany ". Automobile museum with annual oldtimer meetings (approx. at the beginning of June). Strawberrymarket at the station (in the middle of June). Historical harvest day - demonstration of old harvest techniques and historical tractors (in the middle of Septembers). Rural christmas market at the station (in the middle of Decembers).

coach and covered wagon travels: The Haflinger horse farm C. Guske at Uenzen (Tel.:04252/1893) organizes travels into covered wagons also in connection with grill meals, pulled by Haflingern.

Ride: Sniff ride and riding holidays offer the equestrian farm Wikner at Bruchhausen Vilsen (telephone: 04252/2159), the child riding yard Werner Ahrens at Suestedt/Ochtmannien (telephone: 04252/1813) and the bio yard Harmissen at Suestedt (telephone: 04240/1078). Ride with iceland horse has the SAGA riding school on the stud high moorland at Asendorf in the program (Tel.: 04253/91040) as well as the Iceland riding school Kloevinghausen in Engeln (Tel.: 04247/402).

Tennis - Squash: For tennis friends the hall and outdoorplaces as well as the Squasharea of the Tennis and Squash Club Bruchhausen Vilsen (telephone: 04252/2909) are for order.

Round flights: With 2 or 4 seats passenger aircraft from Nienburg will be started to discover the world. Who would like more adventures, can be moved also with a motor driven glider or an ultralight aircraft through the air (telephone: 04252/2433).

Hot-air balloon travels: The enterprise Hot air Ballooning at Bruchhausen Vilsen (telephone provides the total overview for you: 04252/3200) that all year round hot air ballooning journey offer.

Brokser marriage market: This traditional market with roundabouts, entertainment tents industrial exhibition and many attractions at the end of of August of each yearly inspires the visitors from near and far. The altogether 5-days market driving always ends Tuesday with the horse market. More market are: Mayfestival at the beginning of May, Vilser Fiesta at the beginning of July, autumnal-market with sheep market at the end of Septembers and christmas-market at the end of November.

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